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Zapplied heeft haar innovatieve processen en methodologiën vertaald in een baanbrekende SaaS applicatie: Zapplied Platform. Zapplied is ISV partner van


Binnen het Zapplied Platform is op dit moment de applicatie Zapplied Legal gereed. De enige 100% Customized Document Generator, inclusief Social Collaboration, Workflow en Autorisatie Management. Alles in één.


Zapplied will publish relevant Q&A on its Website, and will supplement those on an ongoing-basis. So, please revisit this page regularly to check those out. Thank you.


Question 01:


What would the 15 seconds take on what Zapplied Platform does?


Answer 01:


Zapplied Platform accelerates and improves your deal making and negotiation process, whether used for (i) procurement, vendor, compliance or HRM management, and (ii) converting a prospect (either from CRM or otherwise) into a customer. Zapplied Legal manages and generates 100% perfectly customized, sophisticated, up-to-date and ready-to-sign contracts and other documentation, while managing the whole process of getting such contract/document negotiated out. Anywhere, anytime. Zapplied Legal aligns Business, HRM and Procurement with its Legal and other departments, while collaborating on the secure, global platform of Salesforce.


Lees meer op, bekijk onze Animated Movie 'Zapplied Legal in 60 Seconds', en vraag een gratis Trial License aan!


Zapplied: Smart Strategic Services you have never experienced before, but will find addictive. Ignore us at your peril.